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HEY THERE, I'm Laura


I'm Laura Straub, owner of lastphoto.kc, based out of Kansas City and traveling across the world. I am an award winning, internationally published photographer, that specializes in boudoir.

I am an expert in capturing the warmth of emotional events, an artist that is excited to lend my lens to celebrating couples, and I am an all-star at making women of all shapes and sizes feel confident in their own skin. I take pride in my output of striking, memorable work.

Here at lastphoto.kc, we love ourselves. ALL OF OURSELVES. Every jiggle, wiggle, wrinkle and scar from head-to-toe. Here at lastphoto.kc, we reconnect with what makes us truly beautiful. We relight the fire inside of you and expose you like never before. It’s never too late to start falling in love with yourself - want to get spicy?

14 Years

is how long I have been a photographer

73+ times

& counting that I have watched Deadpool

12 & 25+

12 different publication sources, totaling over 25 publications

Before & Afters

Hey there, beautiful! You have found our amazing series of before & after's from some of our stunning ladies!

Below you will find collages ranging from bare face selfies, everyday looks, their favorite photos of them, and more!

These will be paired with an image from their session with them done up in full glam!

These images are meant to show you how STUNNING these ladies are with and without full glam makeup!

Boudoir is for EVERYONE, INCLUDING you!

I can't wait to add YOU to this album!

Client Love Notes

Jordan H.

There are so many things I could say about my shoot with Laura, she made me feel so comfortable, beautiful, and confident during my shoot. I am not a confident person by any means. I’m incredibly self conscious and I’ve been very self critical about myself for as long as I can remember. Walking into the room, I was ready to turn around and run because I was so nervous. I didn’t need to be. They immediately made me feel so much better and were encouraging me every step of the way. They genuinely cared about how I was feeling throughout the shoot and made me feel good about myself. If you haven’t booked a shoot yet, do it. You won’t regret it.

Tosha T.

I went in to this session looking for this amazing overwhelming experience, an awakening into myself. I didn’t get that and was quite disappointed because I thought I was at the place of hating myself..one of the three reasons Laura describes [see blog post here]. However, after deep thinking I realized the steps I have been taking towards loving me were working. It’s not easy but little by little I am falling in love with me. I am perfectly imperfect and I LOVE that!!What better way to celebrate that and on my birthday to top it off!! This was one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever given myself. I thought I was going to be nervous but the only thing I was nervous about was my makeup T. They are very professional and know how to ease any nervousness away. Team lastphoto.kc is the best!!!

Eva M.

This was a special experience for me. 6 months ago I gave birth to my sweetest little boy,being a mom is a wonderful thing!However,I noticed that I lose my confidence. My size went up and those stretch marks just makes me don't feel pretty anymore!I signed myself up anyway and the experience was incredible!They cared about what I want and like!They are so comfortble to work with and very easy going!The whole session was so fun!Those photos turned out so pretty!Such a wonderful experience!

Courtney E.

So let's me just start off my saying thank you so much!

Booking was a breeze and when we had our phone call consultation, she was so sweet and reassuring regarding my likes/dislikes about my body. All information provided via call and by email made planning easy!

The day of my shoot was absolutely amazing and so much fun! The makeup stayed STRONG all day, even after eating lunch & dinner. The curls, those stayed for several days and was sad when I had to wash my hair! Come time for the shooting part, Laura was incredibly easy to work with. Nothing was robotic or weird. Process was smooth, showed me how to pose, where to look, how to look, the whole 9-yards. It was as if just a group of best friends having a slumber party. My boyfriend ADORES the photos presented at the reveal, he couldn't keep his hands off me after! To summarize.. if you EVER think about doing a shoot, then do it. I have absolutely zero complaints (which is rare) and still on a high from that day in November. I will be forever referring Laura!

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Frequently asked questions - Boudoir

What is the deposit amount required to book?

There is a non-refundable session retainer due to book your date on my calendar. The collection balance is due no less than 30 days before your session. There are payment plan options and financing assistance available!

When do I get my photos?

Typically we do same day private reveals of your images. This is where you see your images for the first time and we will decide which images you'd like in your album and for your wall art. Your products will be ordered once everything is paid in full, and takes up to 6 weeks to get in (typically 1-3 weeks for delivery).

Where are you based and do you travel?

Our home-studio is based in Kansas City but travel sessions are available! If you want me to come to you, there will be travel fees involved. Please reach out to me so we can work through these details!

When do boudoir sessions take place?

Boudoir sessions are available to be booked Monday - Thursday. Sessions begin at 10am with hair & makeup and we are typically done shooting at 1pm. From 1pm-3pm, you are sent out to do whatever you'd like (workout, groceries, take a nap, go home, anything you'd like!), then at 3pm you return for your private photo reveal and we determine which images you'd like for your album & wall art, etc.
If you need your images back by a certain date, allow 6 weeks for product ordering (typically takes 1-3 weeks, but giving us a grace period makes sure everything is perfect by the day you need it back).

Am I allowed to bring a friend / Significant other to my session?

We do not allow guests in our studio space during your session. This ensures that our focus is on pampering YOU the entire time. If you'd like to bring a friend or significant other to your photo reveal later in the day, you are allowed to bring 1 person with you. If you have financial ties to this person, please discuss pricing and expectations ahead of time so that things aren't *awkward* during your photo reveal and we can fully focus on YOU! This includes discussing who gets the final say on images! If you're in love with an image and want it, speak up! I will ALWAYS side with the client, even if the other person doesn't like it, I'm here for YOU!

“Laura was absolutely a pleasure to work with. We did boudoir images and headshots, and I am beyond impressed. Highly recommend for any photography needs!”