Stumped on where to take pictures in Kansas City? Aside from the 'typical' KC photos at Union Station, Liberty Memorial, the Plaza, etc?

Want something that is a little more unique, but still an icon? Here are some murals (by local artists) around the Crossroads District that are perfect backdrops for any types of photos! Instagram, engagements, best friend's shoot, wedding parties, etc! These places are perfect for any occasion!

2601 Madison Avenue,

Kansas City, Missouri

The City of Fountains - City of Artists - Made in Kansas City mural features 6 of the city's local artists' murals and can be seen from I-35! This mural is unique because it allows you to use the entire mural, or the individual panels as backgrounds.

1916 Grand Blvd,

Kansas City, Missouri

Spira Care's Kansas City Skyline mural is a gorgeous green & blue block mural that is a very "Kansas City" backdrop for some fun and lively photos! You can easily take photos with all of the KC landmarks, without having to drive to each one!

1828 Main Street,

Kansas City, Missouri

The royal blue walls of this building, in the heart of the Crossroads, are a simple and bold backdrop perfect for any type of images! Next to the white, there is a taller while building, which really makes the royal blue POP! There is also a solid black brick wall that is MASSIVE with white stars, that shares a parking lot with the royal blue paint, that makes this stop an easy 2-for-1!



"For Glory, For City" This Sporting KC mural is MASSIVE and definitely a statement piece! This location is a 3-for-1 because you can get a low angle shot to get the Sporting KC mural, you can use the brick under the mural for a second option, and just around the corner there is an "endless love" mural in the alley! The "endless love" mural is actually a mural that gets changed by local artists frequently! Sometimes there is an interactive mural (where you can use chalk to write on it) and others it's just a unique design with a quote.

1720 Main Street,

Kansas City, Missouri

"#KC Loves" black & white mural lives at the top of the Barkley parking garage. While there is sometimes a small fee to park in the parking garage that has access to it, it is so worth it! Along with this massive mural, there are some pretty killer views of the city from the top of this parking garage!