Here are 10 tips to save both you & your bridal party monies..

without having to cut the guest list.

  1. Baby’s breath is a huge money saver. It’s cheap and it’s a beautiful filler. For bridesmaid’s bouquets you can do mostly baby’s breath with one large flower (maybe 2-3 for your MOH) and it will look beautiful.
  2. If you want a giant bouquet, order yours by just specifying colors (I showed them a pallet with my colors and told them any florals and greenery would do - saved $50)
  3. Bridesmaids all wear black dresses & Groomsmen wear any black suit. Tell the ladies that you want them to wear any black dress they have (if you want them all short, let them know that.. maybe have your MOH in floor length) with any black shoes. They can show off their style this way and it’s not a $200+ wasted cost for them. Doing this for the groomsmen too can save them from having to spend a bunch on a rental that doesn’t fit them, or purchase a suit that they don’t really want.
  4. Skip the favors for the wedding guests, no one remembers what you did (or didn’t) give them and most of them end up in the trash anyways.
  5. Keep the drinks limited. Stick to a few types of beer (cans / bottles… kegs are not a smart decision because if you tap them and they don’t get finished, they will go flat) and 1 or 2 signature drinks (margaritas, vodka cherry limeades, etc.)
  6. Skip the huge grand exit. While sparkler exit pictures are some of my favorite to take at weddings, we did a human tunnel for our exit and it was fantastic! The pictures still look great and it was so fun running under all of our loved one’s arms to our get away car!
  7. Have a buffet instead of a seated / plated dinner. This can cut your dinner cost in half (or more)!
  8. Get a small ‘fancy’ cake for you to cut and share with your new spouse, and get a sheet cake for your guests.
  9. For save the dates and/or invitations, send out postcards! They’re cheaper to print/buy and they are much cheaper stamps! No need for RSVP cards if you use a website (theknot is free) and put that on your postcard!
  10. Pick an off-peak date (summer weddings are a hot commodity, try looking at a winter wedding!) and pick a date that is a Friday or Sunday. Many venues charge a hefty fee for Saturday weddings because everyone wants them, meaning Friday/Sunday dates are discounted to keep them booked.