The dreaded shot list!

As a wedding photographer, this is my FAVORITE thing. As a recent bride, this was my LEAST favorite thing.

It's my favorite as a photographer, because it makes sure I get every shot that the bride is wanting. It gives me a guide as to what is the most important to the couple as well as what shots they don't necessarily want. Some couples LOVE detail shots (the ring, shoes, tie, garter, cuff links, invitations, programs, etc.) while others LOVE the more candid pictures of the bridal party getting ready and others LOVE formal photos with every guest.

It was my least favorite as a bride, because it was the last thing I wanted to put together. So I am here to help. I have put together a list below that covers (almost) every image that you can choose from.



  1. Rings
  2. Shoes
  3. Ties
  4. Garter & Bouquet
  5. Cuff Links
  6. Groom's Watch
  7. Perfume & Cologne
  8. Paper Goods - save the date, invitation, programs
  9. Bride's Something... old, new, borrowed & blue
  10. Notes to one another exchanged


Getting Ready

  1. Hanging wedding dress
  2. Hanging bridesmaids dresses
  3. Hanging suit
  4. Wedding shoes
  5. Wedding rings & engagement ring
  6. Bridal bouquet
  7. Bridesmaid's bouquets
  8. Bride & Bridesmaids getting ready
  9. Bride getting her highlighter put on (this ensures all makeup is done before closeups are taken)
  10. Bride getting her hair done
  11. Bride getting her hair pens done
  12. Bridal party toasting
  13. Bride with each of her bridesmaids
  14. Group shot of all the ladies
  15. Mother helping zip the bride's dress
  16. Maid-of-Honor putting the necklace on the bride
  17. Mother of the Groom helping put the Bride's veil on
  18. First looks with bride and bridal party
  19. Father of the Bride seeing her for the first time
  20. Father and Mother of the Bride with the Bride
  21. Groom putting on his jacket
  22. Groom adjusting his tie
  23. Groom fixing his cuff-links
  24. Groom's mother pinning his boutonniere
  25. Groom and his parents



  1. Ceremony space - inside & out
  2. Ceremony flowers / isle decor
  3. Bride hiding behind groom before first look (if you're doing one)
  4. First look (if you're doing one) of the groom seeing his bride
  5. Praying together (if you do a first look, otherwise this can be done after)
  6. Guests arriving / Ushers seating guests
  7. Wedding program
  8. Officiant
  9. Groom's family walking down the aisle
  10. Bride's family walking down the aisle
  11. Bridal party walking down the aisle
  12. Flower girl / ring bearer walking down the aisle
  13. Bride's mother being seated
  14. Bride & father walking down the aisle
  15. Groom seeing his bride for the first (if no first look prior)
  16. Bride seeing her groom for the first time
  17. Father of the bride shaking groom's hand
  18. Ceremony readings
  19. Bride and Groom's interactions during ceremony
  20. Exchange of rings
  21. Reaction to vows from one another
  22. First Kiss
  23. First introduction as a married couple
  24. Bride & Groom walking out
  25. Bridal party recessional



  1. Bride & Groom
  2. Bride & Groom with her parents
  3. Bride with her family
  4. Bride & Groom with her immediate family
  5. Bride & Groom with his parents
  6. Bride & Groom with his immediate family
  7. Groom with his family
  8. Bride with Bridesmaids
  9. Groom with Bridesmaids
  10. Bride & Groom with Bridal Party
  11. Bride & Groom with Bridal Party and Flower Girl / Ring Bearer
  12. Bride & Groom with Flower Girl / Ring Bearer
  13. Groom with Groomsmen
  14. Bride with Groomsmen
  15. Bride with Maid-of-Honor
  16. Groom with Best Man
  17. Bride & Groom with his entire family
  18. Bride & Groom with her entire family
  19. Bride & Groom with his & her entire family
  20. Bride & Groom with his grandparents
  21. Bride & Groom with his grandparents & parents
  22. Bride & Groom with her grandparents
  23. Bride & Groom with her grandparents & parents
  24. Bride with her parents
  25. Groom with his parents



  1. Centerpieces
  2. Cake
  3. Band or DJ
  4. Favors
  5. Bridal party entrances
  6. Bride & Groom entrance
  7. First Dance
  8. Father Daughter dance
  9. Mother Son dance
  10. Best Man toast
  11. Maid-of-Honor toast
  12. Father of the bride toast
  13. Misc. Toasts
  14. Bride & Groom's reaction to the toasts
  15. Dance floor shots
  16. Candid dancing shots
  17. Bouquet toss / Garter toss
  18. Candid photos of Bride & Groom together
  19. Cake Cutting
  20. Dollar Dance
  21. Champagne toasts
  22. Guests at tables throughout the night
  23. All guests picture (typically everyone in the room huddled on the dance floor around the bride & groom)
  24. Last Dance
  25. Grand Exit