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Hey! I'm Laura Straub, owner of lastphoto.kc. I'm based out of Kansas City - but love to travel! I'm an award-winning, internationally published photographer. When I'm not at a session, you can find me hanging out with my husband while binge-watching crime shows and Marvel movies, riding motorcycles, off-roading, or going to the gym.

I have fallen madly in love with boudoir photography. The confidence I see in each person's eyes when they leave my studio, is ADDICTING. I want to help document you; every jiggle, wiggle, wrinkle and scar from head-to-toe. I want everyone to have the opportunity to look at themselves, the way the rest of the world sees them, and celebrate their true beauty.

I love capturing candid, raw moments that will tell your story for generations to come. I'm an artist that is happy to lend my lens to celebrate your story, and a master at natural-light and true connections. 

Recent Accolades and Achievements

International Publications | Lensational Magazine, Shutter Up Magazine

International Features | Creative Forum

National Publications | The Ardent Lens Magazine, The Photograp.her Magazine, Color Shot Magazine, Golden Exposure Magazine, Bridle & Bride Magazine, The Rogue Photographer Magazine, The Obscura Magazine, The Artsy Snaps Magazine


Shoot and Share is an international contest that allows photographers to submit up to 50 images for judging. Over several weeks (up to a month) voting is open to the public. In 2020 there were over 570,000 images submitted. Multiple of my images placed in the categories listed below, including a boudoir photograph that placed as a finalist (433rd out of 17,408... that's the top 2.5%) and multiple wedding photos that placed in the top 10%.


Alex Lozano - Boudoir

“These are absolutely amazing!!!! You are so talented!! HOLY SHIT! best photoshoot I’ve done hands down!! I can’t wait until our next shoot! Thank you so much!!”

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