Tips for preparing for your boudoir session


Days leading up:

  • Do NOT fake tan (spray or beds). Spray tans have an orange undertone that is very unnatural in photographs. Tanning beds tend to make the skin look slightly too red or dry (obviously differs with skin types, but don’t do this for the first time ever right before boudoir photos).
  • Self tanner, spray tan, body makeup, etc. is NOT allowed in my studio. This protects by studio from stains, including my client closet, sheets, wings, etc.
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydration helps the skin look refreshed and is always a key factor in looking (and feeling) your absolute best.
  • Do spend the time to try on your outfits. Often items that sit in our wardrobe for too long, can lead to them not fitting as good as day 1. Whether this is from gaining weight, loosing weight, having children, spending more time at the gym, etc. our bodies change frequently. Take the extra time to try things on regardless if they are new or not.
  • Shop different looks, even if you think they look bad on the hanger. Sometimes things look “meh” on a hanger and uninteresting, be open to trying multiple different styles on. Try modest looks, simple yet sexy looks, va-va-voom looks, etc. try them all!
  • Touch up the basics. Maybe treat yourself to a mani-pedi, a fresh haircut, a root touchup if you dye your hair, etc. Typically it is recommended to wax the day before (to reduce the redness the day of) and to shave the day of (to reduce the chances of stubble). Yes, this goes for all parts you are planning to wax or shave.


The day of:

  • Bring extras of everything. Regardless of the material, things happen. Instead of dealing with a “whoops” during a session, have a backup. Lingerie is typically made out of more delicate materials. The last thing you want is to get comfortable, feeling super confident a sexy… only to have your stocking rip, a lace bodysuit tear, or a bra clasp snap. Always bring extras.
  • Wear loose fitting comfy clothes to the studio. Skip the bra, socks, watch, tight jeans, etc. These items tend to leave impressions on the skin that can take a long time to disappear. No one wants a photo of them wearing an incredible piece that they feel amazing in, only to be distracted by those little lines left behind from your bra straps, leggings or skinny jeans.
  • I know I said hydrate before, which you should still do the day of your session, but also feel free to have A drink before. One drink will help you loosen up a little bit and to feel more relaxed during your session. **Do NOT have several drinks and create “drunk” or “tipsy” eyes.**
  • Remember to have fun & RELAX. Your photographer has done this before, there is nothing to be worried about, nervous about, embarrassed of, anything!