Boudoir means different things to different people. I polled hundreds of boudoir photographers and clients and put together a word map.

*The bigger the word, the more frequently it was said.

what is the purpose of boudoir photos?

The purpose of boudoir is just like any other photography session, you want to preserve your memories, celebrate an occasion, just because and many more different reasons!

A few of the things ladies have come to my studio for are:

  • to celebrate an engagement / wedding gift for their significant other
  • to celebrate a birthday
  • to celebrate surviving breast cancer
  • to celebrate a divorce
  • as a birthday gift for their significant other
  • to decorate their bedroom and show off their confidence
  • to celebrate a goal achieved - weight loss, weight gain, loving your body, etc.
  • and so many more!

why is boudoir photography so popular for gifts?

Boudoir sessions are GREAT ideas for gifts, whether it's for you or for a significant other, or both!

Boudoir sessions can be done at any time for any reason, just make sure you leave at least 6 weeks before you need them for our session & product ordering!


Check out this in-depth blog post here!


Check out this in-depth blog post here!

why is boudoir so expensive?

The amount of time involved in your boudoir shoot is much more than just the hour of shooting. Personally, we have complimentary hair & makeup (who we hire), we have an extensive client closet (with qualifying access), we have custom angel wings (yes like the ones the VS angels wear), we have several sets, and much more. Boudoir photography isn't just a quick outdoor session and some edits. It involves all of the before mentioned things, the time, skill, and software for professional retouching of images, custom album and product design. This all still doesn't even take into account the cost of gear, general software, backup storage of images, studio maintenance, education courses, business legalities, and more. If you're really curious on the actual costs, feel free to check out this in-depth blog post here!

what should i eat before a boudoir photo shoot?

This depends on your body completely. I personally eat breakfast every single morning, and i am NOT myself if I don't eat! If you are typically a breakfast person, you should eat! If you're not a breakfast person, maybe try eating something light and drinking water before you go! Don't change it up too much, the last thing you want is your body to have a reaction that upsets your stomach during your shoot.

Example, if you haven't eaten bread for breakfast in months... don't eat a bagel for breakfast... maybe try some yogurt and fruit!

Do not starve yourself. You want to feel great and look great, and you look the best when you feel the best! Always, always, drink a lot of water!

when should i take boudoir photos?

Why should I take boudoir photos?

NOW! I have heard many, many reasons of why people want to wait to get their photos done...

  • "I need to loose weight first" / "I have a lot of loose skin" - NO. Celebrate the body you have right now! I can't tell you how many times people cry during their reveal because they were hard on themselves walking into the session... and they scream/cry saying "holy shit! that's ME!"
  • "I don't have anyone to give them to" - So? Get them done for yourself! That's the BEST reason to do them! So many women get them done for THEM and LOVE when they do!
  • "It's too expensive" - That's what payment plans are for!
  • "I'm afraid" / "I'm too nervous" / "I don't like how I look in photos" / "I'm too awkward"- That's what your photographer is there for! They have posed bodies of all shapes and sizes and know the angles for posing and taking images to work for everyone!
  • "I don't know what to wear" - This will vary with each photographer, so ask them... BUT I have a client closet that you can easily qualify to use, many boudoir photographers have one! They also may have a styling guide that can help you with ideas on what to wear! I also have a separate blog post on that if you click here!
  • "I'm not as pretty as the people in your portfolio" - STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Yes you are. If you'd like to look up more before & after photos, check out the album in our private Facebook Group here! You must be in the group to view them!
  • "I'm too old" - Nope. You're not! I have had women of all ages into my studio and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. has ROCKED their session and LOVED their images!

how much do boudoir photos cost?

The cost of a boudoir session varies by photographer, just like any other type of photography. My biggest suggestion is to find a photographer who's style you love, and reach out to them! Ask about payment plans (most offer them) and what costs are.

I (like many) have a session fee and collections at an additional cost. This allows everyone to have the same experience, while being able to choose what products they walk out with.

While asking about fees, make sure things you want are included (wardrobe, hair & makeup, etc.).

The average amount that clients spend on my collections are $3,500. Payment plans are definitely available at my studio and most clients do take advantage of this rather than paying in full the day of, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed for using them!